Titanium Car Parts was founded by a life-long car enthusiast with the aim of developing custom engineered car accessories for sports and luxury cars.  Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, we develop high end license plate fasteners and license plate frames for fitment on vehicles in the US and Canadian Markets.  

Our Story

Unimpressed by dealer licence plate fasteners and disappointed by aftermarket solutions available – Titanium Car Parts was born.  The aha! moment came when a set of aftermarket license plate screws/caps I had purchased corroded so the cap was fused to the screw which necessitated grinding it off in order to remove it.  I then went about custom designing a license plate fastener made of lightweight and corrosion resistant titanium – sized specifically for use on car license plates.

I started this company because this was a product I wanted for my car and there was nothing in the market that matched what I was looking for.  This is truly a project born out of passion and as such is focused on a narrow niche of like-minded people that would care about perfecting the way their cars look down to the width of the screw head of their license plate fasteners.  Titanium Car Parts launched in 2019 and we look forward to the journey of how the story unfolds.